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The time has come

We believe businesses should be owned in part, by the users who make them what they are. A product or service is not enough. Users, customers, consumers or whatever you may call buyers of goods and services, deserve growth as a result of their critical actions. Equity - nothing less.

Our immediate goal as a public benefit corporation is to design and produce useful & affordable public safety products which will open the door to the business model described above.

We can't legally do the above until after our equity crowdfunding raise scheduled for 2018 but we can certainly discuss it as it is within our corporate charter.

AN INTELLECTUAL TRUTH:  Imagine the benefits to society if everyday people were actual stakeholders in the businesses that they helped to build.  In fact, the user, consumer, buyer etc. is the most critical part of any commerce equation.  The time has come because technology has harnessed the power of big data.  Therefore, things that used to be immeasurable are now measurable, so give the people what they deserve - equity.


"enough already!"


If you want to support our cause - buy our products.  You'll find them very unique and useful, and yet, they are only vehicles to a better way of doing business.  More power to the people!

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"We believe that it is very important to reserve substantial manufacturing steps for human hands and entrepreneurship whenever possible."... the makers

Are you good with your hands?  Do you like to make stuff?  And do you live in Chicago?  If so, you should visit our partner site INDEPENDENTARTISANS.ORG where urbanites learn how to become entrepreneurs and earn money working with their hands.




plural noun: artisans

  1. a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.




About Us

We're a public benefit corporation

We consider ourselves "new age capitalists".  Sure we want to grow our wealth by creating and selling unique and useful products, but we also believe in a more inclusive business model that will give customers the option to also be owners and grow with us.  We can't legally do this until after our equity crowdfunding raise scheduled for 2018 but we can certainly discuss it as it is within our corporate charter.

We're serious about changing the game via the JOBS ACT opportunity.  For years we avoided seeking money from professional investors because we didn't think (surprise us) that they would ever go for a business model that wasn't based upon an owner's profits as the top priority.  The people making this happen now are just everyday people who chipped in and refused to give up on a vision they see clearly, and now that vision will help enable truth and transparency for anyone who seeks it.  We're ready.

We believe that tolerance for corporate greed is weakening and a sharing economy is the future.  At the end of the day a fulfilling day is a day with growth potential for economies, businesses AND everyday people.  A day being marginalized so that others may substantially grow is not a fulfilling proposition for most, yet most of us (everyday people) are subject to these very circumstances.


The Mission

  Our mission as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), is to help lead the way by example, to a more inclusive and better form of capitalism by offering a more inclusive business model.

Safe journeys!