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  • Driver Safety Systems
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    Our MDP Hat Kits
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    Safe journeys bro!
  • 4Handsfree Fun & Safety

    Share your ride
    and be safer too,
    with our
    MDP Helmet kits!
  • And More!

    Our WiFi
    are changing
    the game!

We're in the business of Truth and Transparency. We make new age personal protection tools to support those who seek the truth. More Here Early bird sign up


Introducing wearable Wifi Streamers for Truth & Transparent Adventures


Wearable WiFi Streamers are modded android devices.  We optimize the devices to be dedicated streamers which offer the best apps available for each streaming need.  Hot button instant activation is available for some key apps in threatening and emergency situations.  Great for lone joggers, hikers, personal security, child safety, driver security, home security and wherever you have a connection and concerns.  Safe journeys:  "we' got your back"









WiFi Safe Journey Belts & Clothing





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Throughout history predators have relied upon the isolation of their victims to carry out their horrible crimes.  Now you can wear crime prevention and detection.  Safe journeys.



Walking to school or walking around on campus, you're covered, when you strap on your Wifi Streamer "Backpack Bridge".  Safe journeys, we' got your back.





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There is no love stronger than a mother's love for her children. Imply to any mother that her child does not matter and you have just disrespected all of womankind.


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We're also in the business of providing rideshare driver and passenger safety systems. Featuring the "Hot Button" that will instantly live stream record, provide your location and get help in case of an emergency.


Some Deterrent Stickons - put these inside and outside your vehicle.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  (more coming)





But sometimes we need a break from business and that's when we break out our fun products! Our handsfree wifi streamer kits can make any activity more fun and memorable! Live stream, record and instantly share with your friends!





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